5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Lighting

5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in any room should be of high quality and in the proper amount. The kitchen is probably the most popular room in almost every house. Therefore, you have to take the choice of kitchen lighting seriously. Here, we will discuss a few important things to know when choosing a lighting fixture for the kitchen.

Tip 1: Proper Amount of Light

Before proceeding directly to choosing kitchen lighting fixtures, you first have to determine what amount of light you need in your kitchen. For example, if the kitchen is large and there is not enough light, you may eventually deteriorate your eyesight. However, if the light is too bright, it’s no good for health either.

Tip 2: Incandescent or Fluorescent Bulbs

5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Lighting

Light quality depends not only on the number of bulbs and the size of the lighting fixture. It also depends on the kind of light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are the most popular type. A room with light like that will always feel warm, cozy, and comfortable. Besides, such bulbs do not irritate human eyes. But fluorescent light bulbs save a lot of power thus cutting your utility bills. The light from this kind of bulbs will be rather cold and bright which, in turn, is not good for the human eye. It’s up to you to choose but I prefer to save my eyes rather than energy bills.

Tip 3: Location of Lights

If the kitchen is small, you should give preference to ceiling types of lights. Basically, they may just be pendants in the form of plates and can be mounted directly close to the ceiling. For larger spaces you can choose all kinds of lighting, from standard chandeliers to over- and under-cabinet lights and recessed lights. There is a great choice of any kinds of lighting on the market for you to choose from. See how you can make a small kitchen look bigger.

Tip 4: Color of Shades

It is also very important to choose the correct color of the shades. If you choose a colored option, it should match the colors of the walls and the furniture. But note that in this case, it is not recommended to have the solid color of the chandelier shades and interior, otherwise that color will be distorted.

Tip 5: The Simpler, the Better

Many lighting fixtures have non-standard light bulbs and unusual shades. This may cause serious problems in the future. For example, replacing light bulbs or washing the chandelier may suddenly become a challenging task. Therefore, it’s better to choose a chandelier which will be both beautiful and simple. You can choose the right kitchen lighting which will satisfy your needs, just take your time and choose wisely.

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