5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Tiles

5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Tiles

Below are a few general tips for choosing kitchen tiles. Whether you are going to buy tiles for your kitchen floors or walls, have a look at these tips before you go to the store.

Tip 1: Choose a Proper Material for Your Kitchen Tiles

5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen TilesThere are many different options of tile materials on the construction market such as slate, marble, granite, pebbles, and other kinds of materials, but ceramic tiles offer the best quality/price ratio. They are durable, strong, and easily cleaned. These properties are very important for a kitchen. Besides, they are most often less expensive. This type of tiles is suitable both for walls and for the floor.

Tip 2: Don’t Compromise on the Quality

Don’t try to save money on kitchen tiles because it will mean a lower quality product. Kitchen tiles are subjected to heavy loads and a lot of moisture and dirt. So the tiles should be of high quality and made of good material. Give your preference to tiles with high levels of water resistance and strength. Check if the tile wear rating is appropriate for the intended use and area. You can consult a sales manager who will tell you where those parameters are indicated and advise you on the right choice.

Tip 3: Check When Buying

Do not ever buy tiles in outdoor markets since that is where you are likely to buy a fake and low-quality product that will not last long. The best choice would be to look for manufacturer’s outlet stores. But even if you are buying kitchen tiles in a good and popular store, it’s still advisable to carefully check the integrity of each tile. Tiles are a very brittle product so there may be some with damaged or chipped edges due to mishandling.

Tip 4: Choose the Right Tile Size

Large wall tiles are the latest trend but they might not suit you if you have too many sockets and fittings to cut around. Besides, large tiles are very heavy so make sure your walls can hold the load. On the other hand, small and especially heavily-patterned tiles will make your kitchen look somewhat cluttered and smaller than it really is. See how to make your tiny kitchen look bigger.

Tip 5: Plan Ahead

kitchen tiles / always plan aheadIf you already made your choice of the manufacturer, the pattern, and the color of tiles you want in your kitchen, you can now proceed to the estimation of the number of tiles you need. Experts recommend purchasing 10% more tiles than you actually need. You may need spare tiles in case some of them accidentally break or crack during their installation and cutting. This will ensure that you will always have spare ones and won’t have to run around looking for tiles of exactly the same pattern and color.

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