7 Tips on How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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It is not quite clear why but there has long been a stereotype that if you are unlucky to have a super small bathroom, it is doomed to be colorless, bleak, and miserable. Why is that? Probably this can be explained by the fact that many people think there is no room for style in a small bathroom. However, this stereotype is not true! Here are a few ideas about how to make your tiny bathroom look bigger.

Tip 1: Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger by Adding Transparency

7 Tips on How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Partition walls made of transparent materials would be very appropriate in such a small bathroom. This way, you will be able to visually create a feeling of a spacious, uncluttered bathroom. The doors and walls of the shower cabin, partitions between the bathtub and the toilet can be made of modern transparent materials that are very durable and easily cleaned. In general, instead of a bathtub that we are all used to, we highly recommend installing a shower cabin. This will help you save a lot of room.

Tip 2: Use Warm Colors

To create a cozy and comfortable interior of your bathroom, you should use warm colors for the decor elements and furniture. They will make the bathroom visually bigger.

Tip 3: Use a Wall-Mounted Vanity Set and Put the Towel Dryer Under It

It would be appropriate to turn to one of these innovative design ideas: place a towel dryer directly under your wall-mounted vanity set. By the way, you want to have a wall-mounted vanity set, not a usual vanity table on the floor, that’s for sure. It both looks elegant and saves space. Anyway, to give a full-size towel dryer an entire wall would be an inexcusable waste of space. But you should make sure the towels can be easily accessed, the system is properly ventilated, and the pipes are always warm enough.

Tip 4: Use a Large Mirror

In order to add a lot more visual space to your bathroom, hang a huge mirror on the wall. Tiles with a mirror effect will add even more visual space.

Tip 5: Use Paneling on the Ceiling

For the ceiling, it is better to use tongue-and-groove paneling or plasterboard. As for the floors, tiles of warm colors will add comfort, space, and tranquility.

Tip 6: Use Bright Colors on the Walls

You can add style to the entire bathroom with bright-colored walls. Do not forget that you should make sure the light is the same in all parts of the bathroom. This will prevent you from having dark corners that will ruin all your attempts to visually expand the room. You can achieve this by using additional sources of artificial lighting or windows. You will be able to reveal all the benefits of the chosen main color with the help of light. The main color, by the way, should be chosen based on the overall style developed before starting any work. Read also about the Zen-style bathroom design.

Tip 7: Use Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Needless to say, it is not recommended to put a large cabinet in your bathroom because a whole wall will become blind with such a cabinet, which is unacceptable for small bathrooms. Instead, use a conventional shelf or rack to place all the things you need in the bathroom. Check out a few tips on how to choose furniture for a new home.

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