9 Amazing Window Designs

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Our windows are the eyes to our homes.  Architects and interior designers pay close attention to window designs. This is the most important and most practical source of natural light which has increasingly become an individual distinctive accent of home interior. Some options shock with their unusual shapes, colors, and unique styles. Manufacturers of such windows can be called real artists, and their customers can be considered real experts of fine arts.

Home Portholes

port hole window designsRound window designs are quite popular and are often installed in newly built homes. However, there is only one such rounded window in the whole house. But the more windows you have, the brighter your home will be. So that’s what they’ve done in Dream Downtown, a hotel in New York, where all window openings are round-shaped and have different diameters. The spectacular porthole-shaped windows draw the attention of all visitors.

despite stereotypesGeometry

Create an unusual window design that combines different geometric shapes, with the main opening part being black — that’s what the designer’s creative imagination can lead to.

futuristic window designsFuturistic Motifs

Today, when manufacturers are ready to implement any of your ideas, no one wants to adhere to any rules and standards. So here it is, a window that not only combines sharp angles with smooth lines but also looks so incredibly stunning and luxurious! It even resembles natural wood but this is only a laminated PVC profile that reflects the structure and color of a wood type. In addition, such a laminated plastic window will cost much less than its natural counterpart.

stained glass artworkGorgeous Stained-Glass Windows

Stained glass windows provide your home with an unprecedented magnificence. The windows of the Martin’s Patershof hotel that occupies a building where there was a Catholic Church in the 19th century, are simply breathtaking. However, such Gothic window designs do not require a specific interior. With a proper approach, stained-glass windows will fit perfectly into any style solution you may have.

amazing panoramic structuresAmazing Panoramic Views

If you can afford to install large panoramic windows, your home will always be bright and sunny. Experimenting to further improve panoramic windows is very difficult though, Except for making them convex or concave.

combinations of various shapes of windowsA Combination of Various Geometric Shapes

Triangular nor quadrangular windows are of no surprise, but you combine these shapes in one window, you will get a truly unique design.

false windowsFalse Windows

Such false windows with stained glass are perfect for a classic room and help you make the space visually larger.

classic arch window designsArched Windows

Do you prefer the classic style of everything? Then huge arched windows will definitely delight you!

Colored Glass

multicolored tinted windowsTinted windows are becoming more and more popular — and for a reason! They really give your windows a truly unique and amazing style.


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