Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows

Up until quite recently, you could only see aluminum windows in public and industrial buildings. They have not installed aluminum windows in private homes for a long time. Psychologically, it is quite reasonable. We think of aluminum as something cold, something you cannot possibly associate with the warmth and comfort of your home. Therefore, wood has been traditionally used. Nowadays, aluminum windows are becoming more and more popular. They are often installed in residential buildings and private homes, especially if we are talking about stained glass windows, balcony glazing, or particularly large-sized windows.

 Advantages of Aluminum Windows

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum WindowsWhat’s most important, aluminum windows have a virtually unlimited service life.
  • Modern aluminum window profiles are manufactured using new technologies that significantly improve the resistance of structures to heat transfer.
  • Aluminum profiles differ in color, size, and shape, which gives you the opportunity to translate almost any creative idea into reality. For example, when restoring an ancient building, you can install windows with an ancient appearance.
  • You can open aluminum windows in all the possible ways available for plastic windows. Thanks to their characteristics and designs, they can be installed anywhere: apartment, cottage, industrial, or public building.
  • You may feel free to combine aluminum with other materials, for example, wood. You can additionally decorate an aluminum window with wooden panels, which will let your window fit virtually any design.
  • Despite their light-weight design, aluminum windows boast a high level of strength.
  • With aluminum windows, you can just forget about any chemical, weathering, and corrosion damages.
  • It is quite easy to take care of aluminum profiles.
  • As compared to other types available today, aluminum windows feature a better maintainability.

However, despite a great number of positive characteristics, aluminum windows are not free from some disadvantages. You might also want to read about the advantages of plastic windows.

 Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows

  • Aluminum production is a complex and expensive process. Because of this, aluminum profiles are not cheap.
  • You cannot mix aluminum with copper. This combination may cause adverse reactions that may result in the destruction of your window.
  • The main disadvantage is that aluminum has a high thermal conductivity. However, if you also use heat sealing, this factor will cease to be a disadvantage.

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