How to Choose Wallpaper for a Kitchen — 5 Tips

How to Choose Wallpaper for a Kitchen -- 5 Tips

Today, wallpaper is used for wall decoration more and more often. Despite the abundance of all kinds of finishing materials, wallpaper is the most versatile and most available one. We have to do some repairs or improvements in any room of our apartment sooner or later, and of course, the kitchen is not an exception. But to make sure the wallpaper you choose for your kitchen will serve you long enough, you need to choose it properly. This article describes 5 useful tips on how to choose kitchen wallpaper.


How to Choose Wallpaper for a Kitchen -- 5 TipsA kitchen is a place where you constantly keep cooking, washing, and cleaning something. It means there is always a lot of water, steam, and oil vapors there. This makes wallpaper get dirty and wet all the time. There is one solution in this situation, which is to wash the walls. That is why, in order to save money and avoid replacing you kitchen wallpaper too soon, it’s necessary to buy highly waterproof wallpaper. That is, the wallpaper for your kitchen should be washable or scrubbable (waterproof and detergent-resistant). You can regularly wipe washable wallpaper with a damp cloth using a special detergent.

High Density

It’s also best to choose a wallpaper for your kitchen that has a high density and thickness. The kitchen wallpaper is much more likely to be accidentally scratched with sharp tools than wallpaper in any other room. In addition, thick and dense wallpapers will wear off much slower in places where people touch the walls more often such as close to the door and around light switches.  Besides, the thicker and denser the wallpaper is, the fewer pores it has and the less chance for wall fungus and dirt to get there.

Light Resistance

Wallpaper for the kitchen should also be light-resistant. That is, it should be resistant to direct light-rays and fading. If the wallpaper is not light-resistant, it won’t be long before it turns grayish-yellow and will be ill-looking.


Never buy kitchen wallpaper made of paper. It’s better to pay a little extra money and buy good-quality wallpaper than seeing it deteriorate and having to start all over again soon. Vinyl wallpaper is the most affordable and durable one. You can also remove it quite easily if you need to. Fabric wallpaper is difficult to clean, although it’s worth buying if you want really beautiful walls in your kitchen. Embossed wallpaper is great if you would like to cover uneven walls because it’s 3-dimensional. However, this type of wallpaper absorbs oils and odors that are so abundant in kitchens. Click on the following link to read about the most popular backsplash materials.


As for the color choice, the color of your kitchen wallpaper should match that of the kitchen furniture. And not the kitchen alone, but also the color palette of your entire home, ideally. The kitchen wallpaper should match your home design in color and pattern. Just remember, if the kitchen is small, it is not recommended to put up wallpaper featuring large pictures since this design will make your small kitchen look even smaller. See the post on some great design ideas for a small kitchen as well.

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