Layout and Planning Tips for a New Home

Layout and Planning Tips for a New Home

You’re thinking of building your dream home, and you have thought about every detail that is required to build that dream home. That is the budget, space required and most importantly the cost of the construction.

Constructing a new home is dimmed as a hard task, and it will require much of your time to think about all you need to have that dream home.

Space Planning

Layout and Planning Tips for a New HomeSpace planning and design is the most crucial aspect of home construction. It is because space is what connects us to our home environment. In space planning, ample storage is the key, but you will have to pay attention to where your storage place is. For example, pay attention not to have an oversized walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Always make sure every storage area is in a strategical position to have plenty of space for the rest of the house.

Lighting and Windows

Make sure there are enough electrical outlets and light fixtures in your home. You should also strategically place your windows to allow more natural light into your home. Always strive to make sure that natural light is the primary source of light in your home. Therefore windows should be present in every room; and the larger they are — the better. Addition of skylights will be an icing on the cake. See how to buy plastic windows.

Location of the Bedroom

All of the bedrooms should be far away from the noise and traffic. In placing the bedroom, first, make sure it is not near or above the garage. For your master bedroom, ensure it is far away from the living room and should not share a wall with the living area. If you are building your home on one level, ensure the master bedroom is at the furthest end of your home.

Location of the Kitchen

In placement of the kitchen, ensure your kitchen is placed preferably near the back entrance or garage. It is important as you will not need to walk through the house to deposit the foodstuff into your kitchen. See tips on choosing kitchen lighting.

Location of the Laundry Room

The placement of the laundry room is a personal decision. The best idea of placing your laundry room should be relatively close to the bedrooms.

Location of the Garage

In locating your garage, first, ensure it is on the main level and most preferably near the kitchen and mudroom. It is important as your garage mostly acts as the central location where people are always coming and going out the house with heavy backpacks, bags of groceries and other objects. Therefore all the chaos and dirt is preferred to be limited in the mudroom areas.

The HVAC System

The models of the cooling systems that you will pick should not be too small as they will underperform and will not heat and cool your home efficiently. The size of the models of the cooling systems should be medium as you also do not want your home to be too cool during winter and not cold enough during summer periods.


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