Popular Flooring Materials for a Kitchen

Popular Flooring Materials for a Kitchen

You should pay special attention to the quality of flooring which must meet all requirements of a kitchen: floors should be durable, easy to wash, and not be slippery. Modern standards allow for choosing water-proof, wear-resistant, non-slip flooring materials that will also suit the style, texture, and colors in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at the most popular kitchen flooring materials.

Ceramic Granite Flooring

Ceramic tiles are the most popular kitchen flooring material because ceramics withstand years and years of regular cleaning with the use of strong synthetic detergents. This durable material will last for a long time without changing its color or properties.

Popular Flooring Materials for a Kitchen

Linoleum Flooring

It’s a popular flooring material which has not lost its position in recent decades. Manufacturers keep improving the quality of linoleum so this budget flooring option is quite competitive. Linoleum is covered with a thin durable water-resistant film, which greatly improves its quality.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is becoming more and more popular now due to the recent interest in environmentally friendly products. This durable, environmentally friendly, sound-absorbing, warm, and soft material will serve you as your kitchen flooring for years. Its price is the only disadvantage of this type of flooring since this material is actually the bark of the cork oak tree which is native to the Mediterranean Basin and which is harvested only once every 9 years.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden boards used for kitchen flooring are treated with special water-repellents to increase the service life of the wood. This classic material flooring material is becoming popular again because it’s natural. There is a wide range of floor paints and varnishes on the market so picking a floor color for a kitchen will not present any problems.

Laminate Flooring

Quite an aesthetic, practical and high-quality material — modern laminate flooring (also known as floating wood tiles) can satisfy any requirements for quality and style. The versatility of laminate flooring is provided by its high-tech manufacturing technology.

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