Design Elements for a Retro-Style Kitchen

Design Elements for a Retro-Style Kitchen

Modern design is cool, but you can as well choose some timeless solutions to design your interior. A retro-style kitchen may be a good example. Fans of the retro style can definitely confirm that this is a great option for those who like to have a touch of history in their interior design. A retro kitchen is a combination of natural materials, simplicity, and an idyllic atmosphere. We can say that it combines traditional and modern approaches. To some extent, it evokes pleasant memories by reminding you of childhood and those wonderful years. You can combine more ancient design elements with more recent and innovative solutions.

Turn Your Kitchen Retro by Using Cheery Colors

Bright, attractive color combinations can transform your kitchen in no time. If you need some retro-style inspiration, just go to a local discount store and look through some retro tablecloths, towels, and curtains to get some ideas regarding color. Traditional combinations are bright blues with reds or yellow and light pink.

Retro-Style Furniture – What Kind of Furniture Is That?

Design Elements for a Retro-Style KitchenIf we are talking about furniture in a retro-style kitchen, it should definitely be made of wood. Retro wooden furniture should please the eye with its shabby chic surfaces and elegant simplicity. An antique glass-front cabinet or a stylized buffet with stained glass doors will be a perfect solution. Such a kitchen will be really impressive; and to a greater effect, you should also take care of proper lighting.

Retro Appliances

Today, you can easily find many household appliances stylized in retro. Having a retro kitchen does not mean you have to abandon the technical achievements of civilization. Thanks to modern manufacturers, it is possible to buy all the innovative appliances you need but which will also look retro. Vintage-looking cooking stoves, fridges, microwave ovens, mixers — they are all on the market, you just have to look more closely.

Retro Accessories

Many people like to choose accessories for a room already finished and decorated. It is really exciting. Don’t hesitate to show your imagination and put your vision into action. If we are talking about a retro-style kitchen, it is best to look for proper accessories in antique stores. A vintage spice mill, an old cutting board, glass knobs on cabinets will all add up to creating a vintage atmosphere. A vintage kitchen scale can be a real hit, so you should take your time when looking for this important accessory. Various metallic elements such as copper coffee pots or spice jars will also fit the style. It is minor details that emphasize the atmosphere. In combination with appropriate furniture, you can create a beautiful, totally retro-style kitchen.

When choosing accessories, one thing is important — they all must match each other in style. You should choose one style and stick to it. The ensemble of elements that you create should emphasize an image of a stylish kitchen — not a cluttered junk shop.

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