Seven Easy Do It Yourself Home Repairs for Every Home Owner

Easy Do It Yourself Home Repairs

Owning a home is a great achievement that comes with its share of responsibilities. Some home experts use the square foot rule to estimate the amount of money used for home repair. This rule states that for every square foot, $1 is used for home repair and maintenance.

This means that if your home sits on 2,000 square feet, you will use a whopping $2,000 each year. Frankly speaking, not all home repairs require a professional. There are some easy repairs that any average homeowner can confidently handle.        

Safety First

safety firstBefore embarking on any Do it yourself repair, it is important to ensure your safety. You may need to steer clear of electrical repairs and any repair that may alter the structural framing of your home. Leave that to the professionals.

Easy home repairs include the following:

Silencing Squeaky Doors

squeeky door - home repairsSqueaky noises from doors occur when pins on the door hinges bend out of shape or as a result of loose screws on the hinges.  If the screw is loose, simply tighten it. If the noise persists, rub a drop of lubricant oil or even cooking oil on the hinges and watch in amazement as the noise disappears.

Unclogging a Toilet

A clogged toilet is every person’s nightmare. The good news is that it can be extremely easy to fix. You just need a Plunger and some safety rubber gloves. A funnel-cup plunger will be better suited for the job. Use the plunger to cover the exit hole of the toilet’s bowl. Then push it in and out forcefully before flushing the toilet. You might want to see some funny bathroom design fails.


shelving - home repairsMost rooms in a home would benefit from shelves which is an easy way of storage. You can mount the shelves yourself. You need to draw a plan before purchasing your shelving materials and tools. Your main materials are the shelves, screws, drywall anchors, paint, and brackets. Some of the tools you will need are screwdrivers, a drill, hammer, saw, tape measure, pencils, wire cutters, and a stud finder. All these are available at most home improvement stores or your local hardware. Click here to see a collection of funny furniture design photos.


It is best to paint during the dry weather so that drying will not be delayed. You will need to wash off any dirt or greasy parts and sand off peeled or cracked areas. Also, remember to protect your floors from paint spills. Always paint from top to bottom. Some of the tools you require are painters tape, roller covers, and paint brushes.

Mounting Wallpaper

This has proven to be one of the most enjoyable tasks to do without hiring a professional. It can be completed within a few hours. You will need to first remove any imperfections on the wall using sandpaper. Cut your wallpaper into vertical stripes and mark plumb lines on your wall. You will need an extra pair of hands. Some of your tools for this task are scissors, sponge rollers, a cutting-edge, and brushes.

Ceilings and Walls: Clearing Watermarks

A leaking roof is a danger in the home. Watermarks left from drops of water can be irritating to look at. To effectively preserve the new looks of walls and ceiling, locate the area that caused the leakage and fix it promptly to ensure that no repeat occurs at a later time. Some of the equipment you’ll need are a ladder, bleach, water, a stain blocking primer, a paintbrush, and some paint if found necessary. Mix the bleach with water, apply the mixture on the ceiling or wall and allow it to dry. With a paintbrush, prime the affected area with the stain blocking primer and coat with a layer of paint. See how to fix basement walls.

Fixing Leaking Faucets

leaking faucets - home repairsThe nuisance caused by a leaking faucet is simple and easy to handle. Make sure to turn off your water supply before beginning your repair. Also, take note of any other worn out parts that may need replacing. Important tools and materials are screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, oil, replacement O-rings, and washers. Make sure the replacement parts are the exact fits you need. See also how to fix a leaking kitchen faucet.


Effective do it yourself repairs require sufficient research. There is a wide array of information on the internet and instructional videos that give clear guidelines. It’s thrilling to be able to fix things in your home. Don’t be cowed out of it, do your research and watch your home bounce back to shape.

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