Six Home Improvement Ideas That Will Escalate Your Home Value

Six Home Improvement Ideas That Will Escalate Your Home Value

Home improvements are inevitable. Some homeowners do it because they want to attract hefty returns on selling their homes. Others do it because they want to create a better environment for their families. Some popular home improvements do not raise the value of your home. There are however several that will escalate your home value:

Improve the Kitchen

Improving the kitchen adds the highest value to your home. Home buyers will definitely size your kitchen up, hoping it can be a delightful place where not only meals are made but they get to hang out with their loved ones. Some kitchen improvements are:

  • Painting Cabinets
  • Putting a new floor
  • New kitchen countertops
  • Changing Curtains
  • Installing a kitchen island

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Remodel the Bathrooms

Six Home Improvement Ideas That Will Escalate Your Home Value

Sleek, clean and crisp Bathrooms are a major feature that raises your home value. Spacious bathrooms with new appliances are a sure bet. You can fetch an average return on your investment of as high as 86.4%. Consider the below:

  • Replace old sink, showerheads and towel rails
  • Add granite or marble countertops
  • Get appealing furniture
  • New mirrors
  • Enhance the bath area

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Improve Lighting Features

Let there be light. Bright and well-lit homes attract buyers while dull gloomy ones are a turn-off. Aim to have a bright home both day and night. Do not neglect your outdoor lighting. Different areas of your home will call for specific lighting methods. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Dimmers in the dining area
  • Wall scones in the hallway
  • Light both mirror sides in bathrooms
  • Ceiling mounted bright lighting in the kitchen
  • Wall mounted bedside reading fixtures

Change Doors

Doors are susceptible to wear and tear. Your front door says a lot about your home. If it is worn out and discolored, you need to act fast. Choose between glass, steel, wood or fiberglass for your exterior doors to ensure durability. Your front door, in particular, is the first impression of your home. While changing your interior doors, ensure uniformity by installing similar ones.


The National Association of Realtors reports that 63% of home buyers visit a prospective home after viewing its exterior online. Landscaping is one of the most rewarding ways of improving your homes curb appeal. Some worthwhile landscaping ideas are listed below:

  • Plant greatly scented flowers of different colors.
  • With skill and precision, assemble rocks on the flower beds.
  • Incorporate the calming effect of water and create a water fountain or a fishpond.
  • Plant grass and ensure it is regularly watered.
  • Build a gazebo, set up hammocks, benches, and swings

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General Cleaning

A deep and thorough cleaning of your home is mandatory while seeking to increase its value. Nobody fancies cleaning up after others. They would rather not buy your home if it spells dirt. The trick is to clean room by room starting from top to bottom. Additional cleaning tips are:

  • Clean the drawers and cabinets inside out
  • Deep clean floors
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets
  • Clear the clutter
  • Deeply clean the bathrooms
  • Clean Windows to ensure a bright shine

Final Thoughts

Home buyers often have long detailed checklists and are not necessarily the easiest to please. However, with strategic home improvement, the value of your home will speak for itself.


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