How to Spruce up Your Kitchen Interior on a Shoestring Budget

How to Spruce up Your Kitchen Interior on a Shoestring Budget

The kitchen is the epicenter of your home. This room, where scrumptious dishes are prepared, deserves its fair share of Tender Loving Care. Renovating your kitchen, however, can be a daunting venture because of the expenses involved. According to the Home Advisor, homeowners spend an average of $21,773 for remodeling their kitchens. Don’t let that hefty amount kill your dream of remodeling yours. The good news is that you can spice up your kitchen interior without breaking the bank. Below are six tips for improving your kitchen interior design on a tight budget.

Have a Plan and Budget in Place

How to Spruce up Your Kitchen Interior on a Shoestring BudgetThis is the most important step in your venture to improve your kitchen.  Bearing in mind the amount of money you are willing to spend, prepare a detailed plan and prioritize the areas you deem urgent. Do not budget blindly, do your research and consult widely. Armed with a plan and budget, you are now ready for the execution stage. See also Layout Planning Tips for a New Home Owner.

Adopt a Do-It-Yourself Approach

There is a wealth of information available out there on almost all subjects under the sun. The internet has great practical ‘do it yourself’ solutions to many of our household needs. Faced with a tight budget, you can opt not to hire an interior designer for your kitchen. Spare sufficient time and immerse yourself in research. The money you will have saved by doing it yourself will come a long way in settling other bills in your project. See 7 Quick Do-It-Yourself Fixes.

Paint Your Walls

Your kitchen walls are the easiest place to start for a facelift. You can choose to paint them or use wallpaper. While choosing the right color for your walls, feel free to incorporate the colors you have always dreamt of. It is, however, important to note that bright, warm neutrals and earthy colors are recommended for kitchens. You can also introduce wall hangings of fruits, utensils, and other appropriate pictures. See tips on how to Choose Kitchen Wallpaper.

Work on Your Cabinets

Some of the most striking features in the kitchen are cabinets. You can improve them by painting them a different color. You can also spice them up by changing some of their parts. For instance, buy new sleek door handles, knobs or drawer pulls.

You can also completely demolish your cabinets and opt for open shelving. This offers you a completely new look to your kitchen and gives you a chance to display your kitchenware. It also offers you more space and better access to your utensils.

Create a Kitchen Island

A kitchen Island is a favorite feature in modern kitchens. It provides extra food preparation area and doubles up as a dining area in the kitchen. Having one does not need to be an expensive venture. You can use an old dresser or table and add a countertop to it. Add some chairs or stools and you have a complete kitchen island.

Final Thoughts

Apart from making your cooking and dining experience a delight, a renovated kitchen also increases the resale value of your home. Armed with the above tips, you are well on your way to achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

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