Strip Foundations – Advantages and Disadvantages

Strip Foundations - Advantages and Disadvantages

Building a home is a very important moment in every man’s life. Everyone knows that a good foundation is the key to building a house that will last for many decades. There are several types of foundations, but we will only take a look at strip foundations here. We’ll talk about their main characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Strip foundations are actually quite simple. It does not require any special equipment or special skills to build one. You can do all the work on its construction on your own. You build it in several stages:

  • Digging the trench
  • Installation of the formwork
  • Installation of reinforced material
  • Thermal insulation and waterproofing
  • Preparation and pouring of concrete

Strip Foundations - Advantages and DisadvantagesThis type of foundation is often used to build private houses and buildings. Strip foundations can withstand great loads, so it is possible to build a house made of slag blocks, brick, stone, concrete and other heavy materials. They are used in cases when the house to be built has to have underground spaces.

Most people entrust this last stage to professional builders.



For detailed information on strip foundation design features, advantages, disadvantages, construction materials, optimal laying depth and wall width, life expectancy, and possible construction problems, please go to “STRIP FOUNDATIONS“.


Advantages of Strip Foundations:

  • Ability to withstand great loads.
  • Easy to build, no special training requirements for personnel.
  • Very long service life.
  • They have subtypes from which you can choose the one you need for particular purposes.
  • The price is much lower than that of cast-in-situ structures, although strip foundations are not inferior to them in strength.
  • You can insulate the floors much better if you use a strip foundation.

Disadvantages of Strip Foundations:

  • Not suitable for every soil type.
  • You have to fill all the lot in one go, but preparing such an amount of concrete on your own is quite problematic.
  • There is quite a decent amount of work with pouring the concrete, so you can’t do without help.

Given the above, we can say that this type of foundation has many more advantages than disadvantages.

To summarize, strip foundations will be suitable for many buildings and are optimal structures that you can build yourself.

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