Top 10 Most Amazing Shopping Malls

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Bullring Birmingham Shopping Mall

birmingham shopping mallWhere: Birmingham, UK. What’s unusual: the place where the Bullring shopping mall is located was a marketplace since Birmingham citizens got their right to have their own market in 1166. The Bullring building dates back to 1960, and is built in the style of modern urbanism. In 2001, the shopping mall was redesigned and got its unusual facade finished with 15,000 aluminum discs that provide unbelievable illumination at night time. Another unusual feature is that the Bullring has a rounded shape that’s quite unique for a shopping mall.

Vulcano Buono Shopping Mall

vulcano buono shopping mallWhere: Nola, Italy

What’s unusual: the famous and still active volcano, the Vesuvius, impressed the Italian architect Renzo Piano so much that he took it as the prototype for the design of this shopping mall in 2007. The mall includes over 150 stores, a hotel and a movie theater.

Mall of America

mall of americaWhere: Bloomington, MN

What’s unusual: It’s one of the biggest shopping malls in the United States which could fit 7 Yankee Stadiums or 78 American football stadiums inside, has a frontage length of more than 4.3 miles and the unique entertainment park Nickelodeon Universe, as well as an aquarium and a mini-golf course. The mall attracts around 40 million visitors every year.

Playground Pier

pier shopsWhere: Atlantic City, New Jersey

What’s unusual: The Pier Shops Mall includes four floors of a shopping and entertainment center which was built right on an Atlantic ocean pier. There is even an indoor beach on the third floor.


gumWhere: Moscow, Russia

What’s unusual: The GUM located right in the red square is the most upmarket shopping mall in Russia. It has about 200 stores, some of which are expensive and some of which are madly expensive. The place where the GUM is located has been used for shopping since 1520. After the old building burned down in 1825, a new one was built in 1893 in the style of West European railroad stations with glass roofs.

Canal City Shopping Mall

canal city shopping mallWhere: Fukuoka, Japan

What’s unusual: The Canal City shopping mall is within the landscape of a long, wandering water canal with a length of 180 feet, where a small boat keeps traveling back and forth thus creating a special atmosphere. There are a great deal of opportunities for business and leisure here, including countless stores, the movies, two hotels, showrooms, and offices.

Mall of the Emirates

mall of the emiratesWhere: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What’s it famous for: It’s one of the biggest shopping malls in the world which has more than 500 stores and plenty of entertainment opportunities. However, although the size of the mall is truly impressive, that’s not what it’s famous for all around the world. The most interesting thing about it is its indoor skiing resort which has an 85 m high mountain featuring five slopes, including the world’s 1st indoor black diamond run.

Santa Monica Place

santa monica shopping mallWhere: Santa Monica, CA

What’s interesting: this shopping mall has repeatedly appeared in movies and TV shows — first, due to the location of the famous Third Street Promenade and, second, as a creation of the famous architect Frank Gehry. Originally, this shopping mall looked just like any other one, but its reconstruction in 2010 made it unique when they decided to just take off the entire roof which instantly transformed a typical indoor shopping mall into an outdoor one. It even got a few awards from various environmental organizations that admired the simple solution to the challenge of how to save on air conditioning.   

West Edmonton Mall

west edmonton shopping mallWhere: Edmonton, Canada

What’s it famous for: It is the biggest shopping mall in North America and one of the biggest shopping malls in the world with its 800+ stores. There is a lot of entertainment, but its main attraction is the world’s largest indoor water park and indoor wave pool.

Dubai Mall

dubai mallWhere: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What’s it famous for: This is another one of the list of the largest shopping malls in the world with the number of stores of up to 1000. More than 750 thousand shoppers come here weekly. The Dubai Mall also has the world’s largest hanging aquarium inhabited by over 33 thousand species of fish and other underwater animals. The aquarium is located in such a way that it is clearly visible from all the floors of the mall.  


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