How to Waterproof Your Basement – Two Basic Methods

How to waterproof your basement

There is a risk of soil moisture penetrating the internal structure of the materials the basement is made of. To prevent this, you need to properly waterproof your basement.

Currently, waterproofing of basements is usually done by applying some special coating or penetrating materials. As for roll sealants, they are rarely used in basements.

Waterproof Your Basement with Coating Materials

 How to waterproof your basementWhen using this method, all working surfaces are first thoroughly cleaned of all sorts of dirt, and then the surfaces are properly aligned. It should be noted here that in order to prevent cracking of the waterproofing material due to its fairly rapid drying, it is highly recommended to apply these compounds only onto slightly moistened surfaces. Besides, some types of waterproofing compounds start reacting only in the presence of water.

In most cases, this type of waterproofing is done in several layers. In such a situation, two to four layers are often applied, and each one of them should be dried to the highest extent.


Waterproof Your Basement with Penetrating Compounds

According to the method of surface treatment, this method of waterproofing is completely similar to waterproofing with coating materials. However, there is a small difference: all working surfaces should be thoroughly dried and cleaned of dust before applying such compounds. That is because such penetrating compounds create good enough protection by directly penetrating into the structure.

Horizontal waterproofing is typically done using penetrants. So, for example, when sealing floors in the basement, a special cast waterproofing solution is most often used. Although this method is the most complex and difficult, it is currently considered as one of the most durable. Indeed, if you observe all the application recommendations, such waterproofing can easily serve as long as the building itself.


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