Ways to Stop a Basement Window from Leaking

Ways to Stop a Basement Window from Leaking

There are quite a good number of reasons why having a basement with a functional window is of great necessity. The most important of these reasons is that it serves to allow light and air into the basement. In many cases, it is employed as a means of escape in emergency situations.  However, due to a number of critical factors, it could also allow water seep through. This article discusses the reasons behind this and offers possible solutions.

What Could Cause a Basement Wall to Leak?

It could be as a result of any of the following reasons stated below:

  1. Blockage of roof gutters and pipes that drain the gutters that may end up emptying their contents very close to the windows could play a significant role in leaking water.
  2. Use of outdated materials in making the window frame can also cause this because substandard materials begin to rot and rust with time. It creates spaces where water can go deep through.
  3. Inadequate maintenance of window wells or enclosures. This could result in clogging and may retain water that could enter into the basement through the windows.

However, some methods of fixing the above-listed problems are quite simple, time-saving, and inexpensive. Let’s take a look at them now.

Possible Solutions for Leaking Basement Windows

Clean Blocked Gutters

Ways to Stop a Basement Window from LeakingThe first step here involves examination of the gutter to determine where the clogging is. After that, a careful removal of the items that cause the blockage is required. This should be done regularly to avoid a repeat. Also, look for holes in the gutter and fix accordingly (applying caulk may be one way of fixing this). Roof gutters should not be located too close to basement windows.

Use Up-To-Date Materials When Repairing or Replacing Windows

There are instances where the entire window has to be changed because of the extent of the damage. In such cases, choose materials that are top quality and durable. See also: Choosing Concrete for a Foundation.

Install and Maintain Window Wells and Window Well Covers

 Regularly clean the window wells. This may involve clearing a blocked drain on the window well to allow free passage of water. With proper installation of window well covers, the window well is fully protected.

Apply Caulk

This is very effective especially when the source of leakage is between the window frame and the wall. A simple application of caulk with the aid of a caulk gun can solve the issue.

Check the Inclination Direction of the Surrounding Soil

The slope of soil around the basement window and, in fact, around the entire foundation should incline away from the foundation, not towards it. See also: How to Choose the Foundation Design According to Soil Types.

Because of the importance of basement windows, regular maintenance, adequate repairs, and total replacement should be carried out to ensure that they function at their best. The solutions mentioned above may prove helpful.

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