Window Films: Purpose, Types, and Features

Window Films: Purpose, Types, and Features

Modern banks, entertainment centers, company headquarters, and other big city buildings are expected to look spectacular and luxurious. The installation of window films is the most popular and simple way to achieve the desired effect. Window films are also widely used in private home design.

Why You Want to Use Window Films

Window Films: Purpose, Types, and Features

General-purpose window films not only darken windows but also address some important issues:

    • control heat and save the owner’s costs for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer
    • prevent fading of furniture, wallpaper, paintings, and other interior design and decor elements by filtering UV radiation
    • provide increased safety and security by preventing glass — in case someone breaks it — from spilling into many fine fragments
    • change the appearance of a house, apartment, office, or institution and make it more modern and aesthetically beautiful

Types of Window Films

Modern manufacturers offer the following types of window films:

Mirror Films

Mirror films create the so-called one-way mirror effect and thus provide privacy. If the lighting outside is brighter than that inside, you will have a mirror on the outside and an ordinary window from the inside.

Tinting Films

Tinting films effectively absorb bright light and reduce glare on TV and computer monitors. They save your eyes from unnecessary stress and prevent fading of interior elements such as wallpaper, furniture, and decor items by absorbing the UV radiation.

Protective Films

These films protect your home from uninvited guests without your having to install bulky window roller blinds or window grills. They prevent glass from crushing into small pieces and hold the window profile tight in case of damage.

Energy Saving Films

These films effectively control the flow of sunlight entering the room. They also reflect ultraviolet and infrared rays while letting the light in. Energy-saving window films prevent overheating of your home and significantly reduce costs for air conditioning in summer. They also prevent heat losses and save energy needed for heating the room in winter.


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