The New Dell XPS13 Ultrabook (Product Description Writing in English)

With its premium light-weight design and excellent portability, the new Dell XPS13 Ultrabook will make your trip easy and fun, whether it’s a vacation or a business trip. It boasts a 13.3-inch Full-HD Infinity Display fitted into an 11-inch laptop. With an industry leading 15 hrs of battery life, this stunning Ultrabook XPS13 keeps you powered up 24/7. The 5 Generation IntelCore i5-5200U 2.2 GHz processor featuring 2.7 GHz Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM and the 64bit Windows 8.1 operating system ensure flawless performance.


  • translator's portfolio - dell xpsUltra-portable, thin, lightweight — just 2.6 lbs! It’s amazing how all that power fits into such a light-weight device!
  • High build quality. It’s not loose on the keyboard or at the bottom of the laptop.
  • The display is powerful enough for playing HD Video. It can be used under the sunlight or room light.
  • The XPS13 includes a display port, which is really helpful if you need a big extra screen. An optional Dell adapter lets you add a VGA, HDMI, or Ethernet port. You can also buy an inexpensive HDMI adapter. Using an optional docking station, up to 3 external displays can be added. You can choose to save battery life and money by getting the 1920×1080 non-touch screen version, or you can purchase the 3200×1800 touchscreen version.
  • The trackpad lets you scroll, pinch and zoom, and do other useful things which are usually done on a touchscreen. It’s helpful if you don’t like touch screens but miss their functionality.
  • The laptop includes a Bluetooth 4.0 and an 802.11 ac dual-band Wi-Fi for optimum connectivity.
  • It features a backlit keyboard. It’s not a very common thing and it looks awesome.
  • The laptop features a great battery life. An external battery can also be added to increase the battery life even more.
  • The XPS13 also has a full-size SD slot that will make photographers happy.


Based on several users’ feedback, the following can be said about this product’s disadvantages.

  • The fan gets loud when you load the system up to a more than usual level. When you are using the High-Performance power settings, the fan seems to be working nonstop.
  • The webcam is below the screen, so your hands may show up on the webcam instead of your face
  • Air vents are at the bottom so it’s not recommended to rest the XPS 13 on the bed; otherwise, it is likely to overheat and shut down at the most inconvenient moment.
  • The speakers are on the sides, not on the front, which makes them sound worse.
  • It has only got an integrated Video card, which means this laptop is not for gamers.


No doubt, the new XPS13 Ultrabook is a must-buy. It’s beautifully designed; it’s both light and functional. If you are a freelance writer, a translator, a photographer, if you travel much and work while traveling, this laptop is a good choice for you. If you’re out to buy a perfect ultrabook and demand a combination of portability and efficiency, then this is the one to go for.


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