EIA for Finland section of Nord Stream 2 completed

The EIA (environmental impact assessment) procedure for the Finland section of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been completed by Nord Stream 2 AG operating this pipeline construction project.

The operator said they completed the procedure on Thursday after Uusimaa ELY Centre — the coordinating authority responsible for the fulfillment of the national procedure in Finland — issued its statement on the EIA for the Finland section of the pipelines to be constructed in the Baltic Sea.

Tore Granskog, permitting manager for Finland at Nord Stream 2 AG, pointed out that they are pleased that the authorities approved the EIA report as sufficient and the environmental impact assessment procedure as completed and added that they were going to assess the statement in detail and provide more information required and that  They were keen to make the pipeline construction as environmentally friendly and safe as possible.

EIA for Finland section of Nord Stream 2 completed

In accordance with the Finnish law, the goal of the EIA procedure is to evaluate the environmental effects of the project, to provide the consistent availability of information for the phase of planning and decision making, to give the social representatives information and provide them with an opportunity to participate in this process. The Finnish permitting procedure will take the coordinating authority’s statement into account.

Nord Stream 2 AG reported that the part of the 1200 km pipeline route was planned to be constructed in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), through the Gulf of Finland. To build the pipeline in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone, they need 2 permits: the Government’s permission to use the Finnish EEZ and a permit for the pipeline construction and operation.

It was planned by the company to provide the permit applications in September 2017 and estimated to receive the respective decisions during Q1 2018. The progress of the project is in accordance with the schedule, Nord Stream AG 2 said.

Source: http://www.offshoreenergytoday.com/finland-completes-eia-for-its-section-of-nord-stream-2-pipeline/

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