Gazprom to take part in construction of pipeline from Iran to India

Russia and Iran are planning to sign a Memorandum of Understanding today, according to which the parties intend to support the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to India with a length of 1200 km, taking into account the length of the pipeline branch.

Gazprom will take part in it and, among other things, can start developing several fields within this project, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists. This is a memorandum between our ministries. We are agreeing to assist in the implementation of the project for the supply of gas from Iran to India.

Gazprom to take part in construction of pipeline from Iran to India

“This is a large-scale project. Gazprom participates in it. Fields in Iran with will be developed Gazprom’s participation. An appropriate infrastructure will be built to supply gas to India”, he said. According to Novak, the list of gas fields will be figured out in the project documentation. The minister added that the length of the gas pipeline will be 1200 km, including the branch (1130 km without it).

Indian and Pakistani companies take part in the project, the minister added. Novak said that construction could begin next year, and the preparation of project documentation could already begin this year. Head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation did not disclose the amount of investments in the project but noted that they will be huge, as the gas pipeline will include an underwater part that will be laid on the bottom of the Persian Gulf.




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