Top 6 Investing Tips for Millennials (SEO-копирайтинг на английском языке)

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Top 6 Investing Tips for Millennials

Top 6 Investing Tips for Millennials (Content Writing in English)If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you are a Millennial, a representative of Generation Y, the largest social stratum of modern society. It’s you on whom most of today’s largest companies focus their marketing efforts. You are a member of the most desirable group of investors for the majority of business types. Perhaps you already are an investor — or you are at least thinking of becoming one soon. If this is true and you have no experience in investing, this blog post is for you. It will tell you about a few basic and simple investment ideas.

1. Save Your Money in Banks and Earn Interest

The most conservative and least profitable means of investment. It will suit you if you don’t want to learn about all those investing tricks. It has a minimum rate of return which is slightly above the rate of inflation, but it’s nonetheless quite reliable. Just avoid keeping all your money in a single bank because any bank can go bankrupt.

2. Invest in Real Estate

There is uncertainty in the real estate market at the moment, but you will never be at a loss with this kind of asset. You do, however, need quite a lot of money to do this, and it’s a very long-term investment.

3. Invest in Mutual Funds

There is some risk, but returns can reach as high as 25 % per year, if not even more. Mobile investment apps will help you monitor your account status in real time and minimize the risks.

4. Invest in Shares, Bonds, and Other Securities

Of course, like any other form of investment, it has its risks. Take for example the oil crisis which began in 2014 and is still ongoing. When you invest in shares, the profit is guaranteed within a period of 5 to 10 years. You, a member of Generation Y, have the time to wait for good dividends in this market.

5. Invest in Mobile Web Technologies

Top 6 Investing Tips for Millennials (Content Writing in English) - mobileThis is a very attractive means of investment these days. The internet provides a wide field for creating a business where even with a small investment of personal finance, you can retain good profits. The 21st century is an era of high-tech gadgets and applications: it’s an internet era. Advertising on TV makes less money than advertising online. If you build and sell applications — for example, mobile investment apps — it will allow you to earn long-term passive income. In addition to selling the apps, you can also turn them into effective and low-pressure marketing platforms.

6. Markets Aren’t Stable. Invest in Your Precious Self!

Invest in your education. It is one of the most important investments you can make. And I’m not talking about obtaining certificates, diplomas, and other — sometimes useless — pieces of paper. I’m talking about obtaining the actual knowledge that will ensure career advancement. Choose a profession which ensures a high level of pay. Well, let’s say, with a background in investment and banking, you are definitely not going to receive peanuts as payment.


Millennials: you are young enough, you have enough time, so the main goal of your investing should not be saving the capital you already have but making new profits. Don’t hold onto cash because its value reduces every day. Invest your money. Make it work.

Happy investing, and may the Profit be with you!


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